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Three apps you need to download today to accelerate your health and fitness goals

The amount of fitness trends on the internet that claim their way of doing things is the fastest way to achieve your goals are endless. Intermittent fasting, no carbs after 6pm, lift weights on an empty stomach.... to name a few of these trends.

The fact of the matter is the real battle people face when trying to achieve a goal is consistency. Changing the way you are physically is not an easy process, you are kind of re-wiring your brain to adapt to new demands. The common trend with people succeeding in their fitness journey is they are able to establish a consistent routine with their fitness training, eating habits and sleeping habits.

We live in 2022. There has to be an easy way to stay consistent right? Well thankfully today's fitness technology can make the right decisions for you when it comes to training and nutrition.


This app is arguably the most valuable tool on the market for when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals. The only proven approach to losing weight that works is simply eating less calories than your body burns through each day. And the only way to know whether you are eating less than you are burning.... is if you are recording your calories.

MyFitnessPal makes it so easy to record your calories and macronutrients using their foodtracking feature. Simply search for the item of food you just ate in the app, add it to your diary... and you're done. At the end of the day you'll have a comprehensive view of your nutrition for the day and can make data-backed decisions to improve your food choices. You can see how when you get the hang of using this tool, you can quickly get full control of your weight loss goals.

Nike Training Club

This is by far the best FREE app you can use for your training. The app offers customisable workouts based on your fitness goals, and will help suggest workouts after a quick questionnaire on your lifestyle. You can find a variety of exercise programs here, the best way to use this app is select an 8 week long program, and stick to it.

For beginners who want to start their fitness journey but don't want to pay for a personal trainers... Nike Training Club making ALL of its premium content FREE is your place to start creating a consistent fitness regime.

Les Mills app

Are you a Les mills member? Les Mills has access to the most cutting-edge technology and equipment available in the NZ fitness industry. Southern Cross Health Insurance members have access to a 10% discount on a FULL year membership at Les mills worth over $200!

When you join up using this discount, download the Les Mills Mobile app to scan into the club, book classes, plan workouts, view class schedules and plan sessions with a personal trainer. you will receive unlimited access to over 1500+ workouts- ranging from beginner to advanced, 3-12 weeks and access to challenges to help keep you motivated. You will also be connected to a global fitness community, who can inspire you to be your best.

All of these apps have an extensive library of fitness knowledge and programs for you to start consuming today absolutely FREE. Start achieving your weight loss goals with MyFitnessPal and create that consistent training routine using Nike Training Club today.

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