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How to sign up

How Folio works step #1

Download Folio from Apple & Google Play Stores to Sign up

The Folio app makes signing up simple. Download the app, sign up with your email and our Customer Care team will reach out to set you up.

How to view your polices
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#2 Let Folio know if you want to buy insurance or manage your current insurance for you

Folio can manage all of your insurance for you

The Folio team can take care all of your insurance needs, whether you're wanting to buy insurance or just don't want to deal with the administration of your current cover.

Chat with Us

#3 Have a question? Never be left on hold again.

Chat with Folio
experts when you need

Use Folio chat to directly message our team of insurance experts. We have dedicated Customer Care team who will be available to get you the support you need. And if your question is simple, our digital assistant Imogen will be able to answer it instantly using AI.

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Benefits (2).gif

#4 Find all the benefits available to you in your mobile app.

Check out benefits from us 

Folio has a network of business partners on-board who believe in our mission and they've provided us with endless great deals you can redeem in your Mobile app

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